Trammy the Trolley Car  






Trammy the Trolley Car
Trammy the Trolley Car
Trammy the Trolley Car









This is the story of Trammy the Trolley Car


Trammy just has to tell you what happened to him a while ago and about how he came to have a whole new life.

Come with us on a fun and exciting journey aboard Trammy the Trolley Car. Along the way, he’ll show you how he once worked, and what he did, and how the way he worked came to be changed, and what he does now.

Week by week, month by month, new adventures abound as Trammy goes about the city and taking his passengers on their many and varied journeys.

You will meet Trammy’s friends and lots of fellow road vehicles and all sorts of other machines that are part of our daily lives, both now and from the past.

Trammy the Trolley Car

Trammy, who got his first name from what his type of carriage was called in England, - a "Tram", was once a fine vehicle, with a frame of steel and a cabin with lots of polished wood and shiny brass poles and a big brass bell that clanged merrily. He plied the streets of the city from the early 1900’s carrying passengers to and from their homes, workplaces and places of entertainment long before just about everyone could afford to buy a car of their own. People in the U.S.A called him a "Trolley" or "Trolley Car", and he thought it had a nice ring to it to be called "Trammy the Trolley Car".

He ran around the city on steel tracks laid in the ground, and pushed himself along with a strong electric motor, mounted underneath his floor. The power to drive his motor came from wires called lines stretched above the streets where he went, and he had a long flexible pole with a little wheel on the end attached to his roof. This little wheel ran along underneath the lines, and it was kept in place on the wire by a big spring at the bottom end of the pole. This was called "trolling" for power, the same as trolling when fishing, and some say this is where the name "Trolley" came from.

Trammy was a very busy trolleycar, bustling about the city with all his brothers, sisters and cousins, who all looked pretty much like him, delivering all his passengers to the places that they wanted to go on time. He had a driver named Malcolm, who was called the Motorman, and a Conductor whose name was Colin. Colin the Conductor made sure that everyone paid the fare and got a ticket to ride. Trammy would stop on every street corner to let the people on and off, chatting with his friends and family when he saw them as he happily and faithfully went about the city on his daily routes.

We’ll meet more of Trammy’s friends as his story unfolds, but first you will learn how his life changed suddenly one day and how he came to be something he never imagined.

Be sure to check in regularly to catch each instalment of Trammy’s story. It’s a story about meeting with adversity, and coping with it when life changes completely, and the importance of friends and the people who support us during the hardest times, and striving to keep a happy disposition in the face of it all, and never losing hope that things will turn out alright in the end.

Trammy's Trolley Pole

Trammy's Trolley Pole

“He had a long flexible pole with a little wheel on the end attached to his roof.”

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